Main partners

FX Airguns was founded in 1999 by Fredrik Axelsson in the Swedish town of Mariestad. The company has grown into a global powerhouse in the airgun industry, with more patents and unique innovations than any other manufacturer in the field.

FX Airguns has sponsored Linus Lundqvist since 2021.

Paytrim is an influential tech company providing innovative payment solutions, as well as card terminals that bolster and ease transactions while keeping them secure. The business is located in the Swedish town of Skövde.

Paytrim has sponsored Linus Lundqvist since 2019.  

Jula Holding is a group of companies operating in Retail, Real Estate, Finance, Logistics and Hotels. The group’s flagship chain of DIY home-fixer stores is established at multiple locations throughout Sweden, Norway and Poland.

Jula has sponsored Linus Lundqvist since 2020.

Active Agile Leadership is a platform for leadership training for creative, innovative and lifelong-learning leaders that push the boundaries. It’s where innovations grow.

Active Agile Leadership has sponsored Linus Lundqvist since 2015.  

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Fyrkantens Förvaltning AB

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Lunds Bil AB

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Lindströms Bil AB

Husvagn-Svensson AB

Hankook Tire Sweden AB

Dox Sweden AB

Olsson Fastigheter Skaraborg


Sport Support AB

Qfrakt AB

Stenhaga Invest AB

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Avioniq Awareness Sweden AB

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Green Dog Innovation

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